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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day

I was going to blog about our scouting expedition to Montana today. There is a UPS warehouse down in Sweet Grass that we plan to use for our importing business. It's about an hour away, so we can save on shipping costs by having stock delivered there.

Well, that's all old, boring news now.

I'll start by saying it's much cooler today. After the last few days of heat, I was looking forward to a less hot day.

On our way back from Montana this afternoon we drove through a series of storms. There was a lot of rain. Irrigation systems and ditches were full of water. By the time we entered Lethbridge, the rain had not let up and there was a lot of flooding. The road drains had backed up and roads were almost impassable. Indeed when we started through a "puddle" a block over from our home, we were the only vehicle to attempt it. I started to worry about our house a little bit. The drain at the end of our road was also backed up, but the flooding was not that bad. Everything looked good in front of our house.

We talked to our neighbor for a moment to hear about his adventures driving around in the flooding when the kids came to tell us there was water in our basement.

There was water in our basement.
There was bile. There was stench. Sean is using our wet/dry vac as we speak. The rest of us are just staying out of the way. The boys helped move furniture and other possessions to higher ground until I realized we were all probably standing in poo water. I hate poo water. I hurried them upstairs and out of the way. Jordan, also being a huge hater of poo water eagerly left.

This really stinks. In more ways than the obvious. I just finished painting the basement and unpacking all the books (thank goodness I at least unpacked the books).

We also found a leak. Now Sean is bringing in a ladder to check the attic. More and more fun. Ahhh, the roof has now become a renovation priority.

This gets better and better as I write this. I guess painting the den is out of the question today.

I feel dirty.

Happy Canada Day!!!!

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