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Friday, July 4, 2008

Escape to Normal

The disaster crew has come in and taken our carpets out. We expect them back someday to cut the drywall out, but so far there has been no sign of them. There were others who were much worse off than us so we are doing our best to be patient. Aside from an odd smell, we are surviving.

There is no television and no video games. The boys still have Nintendo DS's to play on, but otherwise it's board games and card games. It's actually been rather peaceful. I have noticed less arguing, more creativity, and more quiet.

This is the room we were going to have completed this week. Ain't gonna happen, folks. Because of this little flooding problem, we actually lost use of two levels....at least for the time being. After the adjusters come in I hope most of this will go into the garage. Fortunately, we salvaged everything not sitting on the floor. Unfortunately, we had to put it on the floor somewhere else.

So with all the chaos in the house, the only thing we can do is escape to normal. We have tried to do that over the last few days. There's no point stewing over things we can't change so we are focusing on the things that are in our power.

We went out to play last night. We went to the movies tonight. We are looking at kitchen plans for our remodelling project. We are looking for someone to fix our roof. We are cleaning bedrooms and doing laundry. We are on the hunt for the best pizza in Lethbridge. There is no quest more important than pizza.

James allowed us to get his hair cut. He was even a good sport about letting me take this picture. I think we finally have proof that he and Jared are related!!

Yes. Escaping to normal is good. I like normal.

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Mitsuko said...

And we like your attitude. Good luck really getting back to normal!! (By the way, we like Jamie's hair-do as well. Good looking guy!)