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Friday, July 25, 2008

Deck Destruction

It seems as though most projects around our house are half done. We get to a point where we can go no further until other projects get done.

We have the sub floor set in the living/dining area of the main floor. We tried to rent a big tool that drives screws into the floor. It's broken. There are other projects stalled because we need an electrician.

So this evening Sean tackled the dismantling of the deck.

The deck is rotten. There are spots where your foot may go through. The stairs are shaky. The deck is painted blue. It's time for a replacement.

Sean wanted to salvage as much wood as possible, but at the moment it's not looking too good. Most of it is junk. Too bad.

James and Jordan were put to work. We will make men out of them yet!!

Hopefully by tomorrow evening we will have it done. What lies under the deck is a bit of a mystery, but I know it's not good or tidy. I am sure that will be the next great adventure.

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Dion said...

Wow. You've doe more work to your new home than I've done since we moved in 7 or 8 years ago. I hope to be finished by the time the youngest m oves out.