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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Barnwell Bash

We have had a fun two days reconnecting with old friends. Tobi and Jeff and Garret and Ryanna were on their way to Barnwell for a family reunion and stopped by to see us. It was great to see them again.

We were all young families attending UVic at one time. Now we are living in various parts of BC and Alberta.

We met up with them in Barnwell today for the town's Pioneer Day celebrations. We barely made it in time for the pancake breakfast, but there was still lots of food to eat. We visited and met their extended family. I actually share a great, great, great grandfather with them. Our children all played together.

Sean and Garret went out to do some "shootin'" They brought home a gopher....one of the unlucky ones. I would bet that was the best part of Sean's day.
In the afternoon we all went down to Heritage Road for the parade. I have to say it was so much fun!! It's no more than two blocks long and the town's residents make their own floats and throw candy at the spectators along the parade route. One of the family floats carried water balloon throwers and super soaker shooters. Lots of fun on a hot day.

The boys loved the candy part. I don't know how many children were knocked into next week by Jared racing for the candy on the ground. He was all business.

My favorite of the parade was the "Stone Slinger" truck. They used this conveyor belt to toss candy at the kids. It was chaos. All the children were diving for sweets.

I am so glad we stayed for the parade. Though it was so "small town", I enjoyed it more than any "big town" parade. It really celebrated community and family. Spectators cheered and waved at their neighbors and relatives. It just felt so good.

We said our good byes and drove back to the chores waiting for us at home. Hopefully we can make plans to visit with everyone again in the near future.

The deck is half gone. The sub floor is screwed in. We will rest for a day and get back into it on Monday.

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