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Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Week of Surprises

The television was the first surprise. Sean and I took the thing to the TV hospital yesterday only to be told the repair would cost $1700 in total and cheaper to buy a new one. So we brought it home thinking the boys could just watch it with the black lines running across the screen. It worked for about 5 minutes and then died. Sad, Sad, times.

Yesterday it was cold enough that I found my urge for warmth defeating the fact that IT IS JUNE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. So I went to the thermostat to set it. There was a snap, crackle, pop and then some smoke. The thermostat was fried and I was left to freeze all night.

Yes, it's all about me.

Okay, the kids were cold too.

So the gas company came out this morning. They looked at the fried wires in the thermostat. They went to the furnace. Guess what???? Fried wires in there too. When that happened? Not a clue. So to make a long story less long a very nice furnace repairman spent 5 hours with our furnace this afternoon replacing the thermostat and the electrical wiring and now we are a few hundred buck poorer, but the house won't burn down.

While this was going on Sears called to say our dishwasher had arrived. It was only 13 days early. I went to pick it up and left it in the van for Sean to deal with when he got home from work. It poured rain again this afternoon and Sean came home for a while. He got to work on the taking out of the old dishwasher. The sun came out again and Sean left to work some more and there I was in chaos and no running hot water.

Now I just have to say something about this old dishwasher. It was old. It washed and dried dishes in about 25 minutes. I don't think it was doing the job well. When we moved in there was a piece of something with cat hair stuck to the inside of it (I am finding cat hair stuck to a lot of stuff in this house). I thought I would leave it there and see how long it would take to wash off. It's still there!! The door was broken and the lower rack would roll out. It was time send it off to the dishwasher graveyard.

This evening while trying to make pancakes for dinner, I had to share the kitchen with my dishwasher installing sensation husband and a very nice furnace repairman named Justin. Eventually, the dishwasher was in, Justin was gone, I had heat coming from the vents which I didn't need because it was now warm outside, and I had two sinks full of dishes and glasses waiting to be bathed. We loaded her up and I lay on my stomach on the floor for the next 40 minutes to check for leaks. Heck, my old washer would have done almost two loads in that time....and the new machine still had another 40 minutes to go. No leaks, clean dishes, quieter machine.

Life is good.

Looks like in a few weeks we will be the proud owners of a window washing company....to be continued.

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Shelli said...

It's so much fun being a homeowner!