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Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Trek East and the Bathroom Breaks

All things considered, the drive to Alberta went very well. There were a number of detours for potty breaks, but no one suffered from car sickness and fighting was kept to a bare minimum. I did give Jared and Jackson Gravol for the trip hoping they would sleep, but they didn't. Jordan didn't. James did....a lot.

As you can see, our moving truck was filled to maximum capacity. It got down to, "So....do we take the $70 office chair or the $600 patio set?" We took the patio set. Other things were sadly left behind.
With a full truck and van off we went!!

We drove as far as Revelstoke on the first day because Golden was just too far. Our plan had been to drive like mad to Golden, but since we left later in the day it was already 10:00 pm when we arrived in the big Rev.

We crashed in the first motel we saw and were back on the road in the morning bright and early. Our plan was to eat breakfast at the A&W in Golden. This car was making that goal difficult. He could not decide what speed to drive for the longest time and man, were we ever hungry!!

We encountered a herd of mountain goats along the highway just past Golden and had to pull over to take some shots of goat bums. They were amazing to see first hand. That is the goats and not necessarily their back sides. Earlier in the day we drove past a black bear sitting on the side of the highway....alive.

This is my favorite part of the drive. How beautiful is this? How amazing am I for taking these shots while driving and not killing us all? Do not try this in your own cars, folks. After these shots I repented and did not take anymore pictures while driving.

So we survived driving through the road construction that is Calgary and went through and past a couple of lightning/thunder storms on the way to Lethbridge. By 4:30 pm on Friday we arrived at our new home and were soon greeted by our realtor who had spent most of the previous day cleaning our house and getting rid of garbage.

It was a beautiful drive out and I look forward to driving west again soon!!!!

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Shelli said...

I am glad you made it safe and sound, with all kids still in one piece! Good job with the pics, by the way!