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Friday, June 27, 2008

Superfun Times

The kids and I ditched the regular day to day activities and went off to Calgary. We met up with my friend Kristi and her children for a day at Calaway Park.

Though it's been sad to leave friends behind with our move, it has also been exciting to be able to reconnect with other friends.

So we spent the day at the park playing games and riding rides and eating junk. How much better can life get. It was a blast.

Jackson was happy to do the little kid rides. We went to some beginner rides while the older set were in line to do more "experienced" rides.

The other children went on the log ride. I was especially pleased to see Jordan participating. He's not a big fan of rides like these. We could not get him on the roller coaster. You can't get me on one either.

Jared really wanted to go on the roller coaster. That was so nerve racking for me. It wasn't surprising though. It's his thing. So off he went with James and Kristi's oldest children.

Two of my babies are upside down in this shot. I am dying on the ground.

Though his face does not show it, he loved it and went on again 3 more times through the day.

The kids needed some time to cool off. We enjoyed a hot and sunny day (which is why James insisted on wearing his sweatshirt (adolescence !@#*%). They enjoyed some water fighting and getting wet. At some point during the fun a voice was heard saying, "Let's get the old guy!" and that "old" guy was swarmed by kids and got a royal soaking.

Now I know that voice did not come from one of my children, but they sure didn't hesitate to join in on the assault. I really don't think the "old guy" minded. They were all having fun.

The boys all got a good soaking and ready for another round on the log ride.

Now on the second round of the log ride, the boys talked Jackson into coming along. By this time I had recovered from the roller coaster panic attacks and let him go along. This was his reaction after the big drop off. He said, "I don't think I will do this again until I am eight years old."

We will see what happens when we bring Dad with us next time.

I think my most happy moment of the day was when Jordan was finally able to feel comfortable riding something a little scary. Jordan is not big on scary rides and it really stinks to spend the day waiting for your siblings while they enjoy the roller coaster.

Hayden managed to convince Jordan to try this ride and Jordan ended up going on it about six times with Hayden or on his own. I think he was just thrilled to have been able to overcome his nerves and try something new.

If those victories come from a park ride, I'll take it.

We closed down the park and headed home. What a great day it was, but next time Sean will have to come. We sure missed you today, Dad.

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