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Monday, June 9, 2008

Sad Times

There are things in life that we hate to see damaged. Certain objects take on special meaning in our lives and serve a variety of needs we can't live without.

Take a television for example. TVs offer hours of entertainment through cable, DVDs, Internet, and video games. When the beloved tube is damaged, we lose our way. What to do? What - to - do???

The boys were horsing around last night. Little rubber Pokemon were thrown about the room. One little rubber Pokemon hit our flat screen television and smashed the top right corner of the screen. Now there are two black lines running across the screen when the TV is on.

Now I won't out the creep that threw the deadly Pokemon. I will say that the deed was done, the phrase, "I'm dead," was uttered (as reported by witnesses in the vicinity), and the culprit locked himself in the bathroom for quite sometime. This was followed by an hour of tears, an offer to help pay for the damage, and nightmares all night about smashing things. Sean and I didn't really have to do much "disciplining". He did it all for us and we opted to spare his life because really.....we do like him better than the television.

Sean and I have declared the area off limits. Oh no!!! The boys may actually have to play with toys or .....gasp....go outside!!!

Perhaps we should delay repairs or replacement. Hmmmmm.


Shelli said...

That is a shame! Of all the things to break. But at least it wasn't THE hurricane vase. Priorities, priorities. I am friend sick. We went to the beach on saturday and I wanted to call you guys and ask you to come.
Love reading your blog!

Jacob and Rachel Ellis said...

Bummer! Not a cheap replacement! I am so glad you have a blog page now. It will be so great to check in on you guys often. Love and miss you

G-Momma Zeck said...

Am enjoying your Blog but would like to know how Sean did with his meeting. Is he getting any calls from jobs? Tell Jared that I can now play about 50 songs on the Recorder. I am now ready to transfer to the Clarinet. How is he doing with it? Here are some jokes for Jackson....
Who designed Noah's ark?
An ark-itect!
What kind of lighting did Noah use for the ark?
What would Jared like for his birthday? Does Jordan have an MSN account?
Tell James I found some new "TABS" in Scott's stuff that I could send him as well as the "Voice Remover". Does he still want it?
See...you need to call us. Miss you all lots and love you tons. G-Momma Zeck