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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last Time for Firsts and Other Angelic Moments

James was an experience in firsts. Jackson is an experience in lasts. I find myself clinging to Jackson's childhood because I will never have these experiences again with my own children. I find it hard to let go of his baby status which I admit probably hampers him from time to time. In many ways I took for granted the growing stages of his older brothers. Now that I know these are my last experiences, I tend to take more notice and soak in the moments.

Yesterday, he lost his first tooth. For me (and remember this is about me), it was my last first tooth. We wiggled that tooth everyday for two weeks. Sean pulled it out yesterday. He has a new one growing in already and another tooth we will get to wiggle over the next two weeks.

This evening Sean and I went on a hot date out to the movies. There's nothing better than bonding over crummy popcorn and a mediocre movie. We left James in charge. He was still up when we got home. Apparently Jackson fell asleep in James' bed so James was stuck waiting for us to get home. Sean moved him to his own bed, but not before I took a couple of photos. How cuddly is he!!!!!

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Jen Young said...

Wow, it's hard to believe Jackson is old enough to start losing teeth! Time has gone by fast.