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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Landscaping For Dummies

We've been having some great weather this week. We had planned to do the shingles once the rain stopped, but are having problems getting a garbage bin from the city. They offer a sweet deal on them and are hard to come by because of it. It is forecast to be a hot summer and with Sean working so much we thought it best to leave it until early fall when the shingles don't have to sit under the blazing sun for weeks.

So today we tackled a bit of the front yard. Everything was overgrown. We have two evergreen trees that have taken over the front yard. Grass can't even grow because of the needles. One of the trees will be cut down for sure. We want to add a parking pad for a second vehicle. I actually want both cut down, but it does require moola to do that. One at a time probably.

One of the things I hate about the front yard besides the trees is the fact that most everything is a non flower producing shrub. We have junipers and pine cone bushes and acidic needles everywhere. Everything is the same shade of green in front of a Pea Soup Green house.

We cut back all the overgrowth and took it too the dump. Then I decided I wanted some trees....the hedging kind for the front of the house. I have a vague vision. I realize I am still dealing with green. What I want is to flank either side of the front of the house with something green and tall. Then in front of the windows I want to find three shrubs (could be same or different) that flower and have interesting leaf color changes through the seasons. They also have to be hardy enough for the Alberta climate. I just want some balance to my yard. Darren where are you!!!!!!!!! I haven't completely convinced Sean of my plans. We'll (which means he'll) have to dig up the remaining shrubs from the garden bed and he'd just as soon leave it alone.

If I can get both huge trees gone then I could have space for some actual grass, or a rock garden. I would be happy to have another tree in the front yard, just not something that is 25 feet tall and kills the grass and overtakes my house.

Super husband was a good sport today. He must sure like me or something.

Did I mention we were eaten by the mosquitoes? They're a full time deal here.

By the way....I could do all of this myself, but he's so much faster and cute to watch!!


Mitsuko said...

It will be nice if you have some colour in your garden, like I had in the Westervelt house. I can't wait to see how it looks in October!

Shelli said...

Wish we where there to help. It looks like fun, honestly.