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Saturday, June 7, 2008

The "A" Word

Jared made a startling discovery today. "Dad, the "A" word is in the scriptures!!" he exclaimed. Aah, the "A" word. What to do with the "A" word.

Yes, we find it in the Bible. We even sing it in certain Christmas carols. Yet it is one of those words that has become synonymous with vulgarity in some circles. Now I admit, "I'm gonna kick your donkey," does not have the same ring to it. I doubt the mobs would run away in fear at that pronouncement.

On our drive out to AB we passed a sign instructing us to turn if we wanted to go to Jackass (there, I said it) Mountain. Jordan couldn't bring himself to read it out loud. Wait until he is 12. Have to say James and I thought it was pretty funny.

It's interesting how some words and their meanings have changed over time. I remember when a thong was a flip flop and not a piece of floss masquerading as underwear. Really, are they at all comfortable?


Shelli said...

Gotta love em!

The Daring One said...

I can't believe the Bible has words like that!

You should see how my 9-year-old primary kids blush when they have to read "Hell" out loud.

ogwednesday said...

I felt the same way about singing "as we greet with a kiss..." (from Hymn: O What Songs of the Heart) when I was a youngster.

Was I ever a youngster? Sigh.

Anonymous said...
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