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Monday, June 30, 2008

I Am Hot .......And Not In A Sexy Way

It's warm. It's hot, actually. We have a working air conditioner, but I'd really rather not use it. I've been drinking a lot of water. So much that I should be authorized to tow around a porta-potty.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Superfun Times

The kids and I ditched the regular day to day activities and went off to Calgary. We met up with my friend Kristi and her children for a day at Calaway Park.

Though it's been sad to leave friends behind with our move, it has also been exciting to be able to reconnect with other friends.

So we spent the day at the park playing games and riding rides and eating junk. How much better can life get. It was a blast.

Jackson was happy to do the little kid rides. We went to some beginner rides while the older set were in line to do more "experienced" rides.

The other children went on the log ride. I was especially pleased to see Jordan participating. He's not a big fan of rides like these. We could not get him on the roller coaster. You can't get me on one either.

Jared really wanted to go on the roller coaster. That was so nerve racking for me. It wasn't surprising though. It's his thing. So off he went with James and Kristi's oldest children.

Two of my babies are upside down in this shot. I am dying on the ground.

Though his face does not show it, he loved it and went on again 3 more times through the day.

The kids needed some time to cool off. We enjoyed a hot and sunny day (which is why James insisted on wearing his sweatshirt (adolescence !@#*%). They enjoyed some water fighting and getting wet. At some point during the fun a voice was heard saying, "Let's get the old guy!" and that "old" guy was swarmed by kids and got a royal soaking.

Now I know that voice did not come from one of my children, but they sure didn't hesitate to join in on the assault. I really don't think the "old guy" minded. They were all having fun.

The boys all got a good soaking and ready for another round on the log ride.

Now on the second round of the log ride, the boys talked Jackson into coming along. By this time I had recovered from the roller coaster panic attacks and let him go along. This was his reaction after the big drop off. He said, "I don't think I will do this again until I am eight years old."

We will see what happens when we bring Dad with us next time.

I think my most happy moment of the day was when Jordan was finally able to feel comfortable riding something a little scary. Jordan is not big on scary rides and it really stinks to spend the day waiting for your siblings while they enjoy the roller coaster.

Hayden managed to convince Jordan to try this ride and Jordan ended up going on it about six times with Hayden or on his own. I think he was just thrilled to have been able to overcome his nerves and try something new.

If those victories come from a park ride, I'll take it.

We closed down the park and headed home. What a great day it was, but next time Sean will have to come. We sure missed you today, Dad.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last Time for Firsts and Other Angelic Moments

James was an experience in firsts. Jackson is an experience in lasts. I find myself clinging to Jackson's childhood because I will never have these experiences again with my own children. I find it hard to let go of his baby status which I admit probably hampers him from time to time. In many ways I took for granted the growing stages of his older brothers. Now that I know these are my last experiences, I tend to take more notice and soak in the moments.

Yesterday, he lost his first tooth. For me (and remember this is about me), it was my last first tooth. We wiggled that tooth everyday for two weeks. Sean pulled it out yesterday. He has a new one growing in already and another tooth we will get to wiggle over the next two weeks.

This evening Sean and I went on a hot date out to the movies. There's nothing better than bonding over crummy popcorn and a mediocre movie. We left James in charge. He was still up when we got home. Apparently Jackson fell asleep in James' bed so James was stuck waiting for us to get home. Sean moved him to his own bed, but not before I took a couple of photos. How cuddly is he!!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Classified Ads

Free to a good home.

One set of window treatments with hardware. Curtains are a lovely shade of blue that lightly rustle in the breeze. A classic brown valance with matching blue flickered through out the fabric gracefully frames the curtains. Included is the hardware that elegantly resembles copper piping. Can be used for plumbing issues in cases of emergency.

Looking for a home where these items will be treated with love and care. Please contact seller to arrange delivery.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Landscaping For Dummies

We've been having some great weather this week. We had planned to do the shingles once the rain stopped, but are having problems getting a garbage bin from the city. They offer a sweet deal on them and are hard to come by because of it. It is forecast to be a hot summer and with Sean working so much we thought it best to leave it until early fall when the shingles don't have to sit under the blazing sun for weeks.

So today we tackled a bit of the front yard. Everything was overgrown. We have two evergreen trees that have taken over the front yard. Grass can't even grow because of the needles. One of the trees will be cut down for sure. We want to add a parking pad for a second vehicle. I actually want both cut down, but it does require moola to do that. One at a time probably.

One of the things I hate about the front yard besides the trees is the fact that most everything is a non flower producing shrub. We have junipers and pine cone bushes and acidic needles everywhere. Everything is the same shade of green in front of a Pea Soup Green house.

We cut back all the overgrowth and took it too the dump. Then I decided I wanted some trees....the hedging kind for the front of the house. I have a vague vision. I realize I am still dealing with green. What I want is to flank either side of the front of the house with something green and tall. Then in front of the windows I want to find three shrubs (could be same or different) that flower and have interesting leaf color changes through the seasons. They also have to be hardy enough for the Alberta climate. I just want some balance to my yard. Darren where are you!!!!!!!!! I haven't completely convinced Sean of my plans. We'll (which means he'll) have to dig up the remaining shrubs from the garden bed and he'd just as soon leave it alone.

If I can get both huge trees gone then I could have space for some actual grass, or a rock garden. I would be happy to have another tree in the front yard, just not something that is 25 feet tall and kills the grass and overtakes my house.

Super husband was a good sport today. He must sure like me or something.

Did I mention we were eaten by the mosquitoes? They're a full time deal here.

By the way....I could do all of this myself, but he's so much faster and cute to watch!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Murphey's Law

I couldn't take it any longer. My eyes were so unhappy with all the sunshine happening around them. They needed sunglasses. They needed them NOW.

I searched and searched for my sunglasses for four days with no luck. They just disappeared and I was not confident I would ever find them.

So I found myself wandering the mall toward Lenscrafters. I entered and a nice lady gave me some frames to try that made me look like the hot mama I was in the old pair. Lenses were half price - even polarized ones. They could get them done in an hour. My eyes were sold. I had to have them.

I even joked with the nice lady that I would find my old sunglasses for sure now.

6 hours later. In a box full of Tupperware in the kitchen. How they ended up there I don't know. I wasn't even going to empty the box, but I managed to make room in a temporary storage cupboard.

Now I have two pairs of sunglasses.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Lovely Day on Fathers' Day

We took advantage of the glorious day that was Fathers' Day and took to a nearby park for a walk. We've had two sunny days in a row and if today holds up it will be three.

It was so beautiful out and with all the rain recently it is so green. It was a nice break from all the running around, wall demolishing, painting, school registrations, and work we are doing.

I even got a half decent shot of the boys. Wow!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Family Outing

Friday while Sean was toiling away earning our daily bread, the rest of us headed out to Cardston to see the LDS Temple.

We walked around the grounds, went to the visitors' center, and learned a bit about how it was built. The boys also were surprised to learn that their grandparents and great grandparents on my side were married there.

Jordan especially liked the granite from which the temple is built. He kept hoping to find a piece that had broken off from the building (he is a rock lover) and disappointed that the building was firmly in tact.

As usual I didn't get any fantastic shots of the boys. I don't know if that will ever change. They are not the best for group shots.

The one of Jackson running was because the grass was poking his legs and it hurt. He would not go back. That darn Alberta grass!!!

When the Walls Come Tumbling Down

Sean thought he would tackle yet another wall on our main floor. We are not sure of exact plans yet, only that we didn't want the wall there. Actually we wanted to get rid of the whole L-shaped wall, but it means moving too many things electrical and pipe-ish and vent-ish.

My new furniture and old kitchen are covered in dust now and I assume will be for the foreseeable future. When we do get this all done (we are cutting a window into the other wall) there will be more counter and storage space in the kitchen and more light coming into the living area.

I'm okay with that. Especially the kitchen part.

I realize this whole broken TV tirade must end and I will do so with these great pictures of the damage taken by Sean.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Worst Sadness of the Week

I can't find my sunglasses. I've been looking for them for three days. They are prescription. They make me look like a fashionista mama. I wear them all year round. I am lost without them.

The sun has begun to move in and it's bright out. I'm worried that I may be part vampire because regardless how much I love sunshine and all that comes with it, my eyes can't take it. They water and sting. I get a headache.

This is really bumming me out.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Week of Surprises

The television was the first surprise. Sean and I took the thing to the TV hospital yesterday only to be told the repair would cost $1700 in total and cheaper to buy a new one. So we brought it home thinking the boys could just watch it with the black lines running across the screen. It worked for about 5 minutes and then died. Sad, Sad, times.

Yesterday it was cold enough that I found my urge for warmth defeating the fact that IT IS JUNE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. So I went to the thermostat to set it. There was a snap, crackle, pop and then some smoke. The thermostat was fried and I was left to freeze all night.

Yes, it's all about me.

Okay, the kids were cold too.

So the gas company came out this morning. They looked at the fried wires in the thermostat. They went to the furnace. Guess what???? Fried wires in there too. When that happened? Not a clue. So to make a long story less long a very nice furnace repairman spent 5 hours with our furnace this afternoon replacing the thermostat and the electrical wiring and now we are a few hundred buck poorer, but the house won't burn down.

While this was going on Sears called to say our dishwasher had arrived. It was only 13 days early. I went to pick it up and left it in the van for Sean to deal with when he got home from work. It poured rain again this afternoon and Sean came home for a while. He got to work on the taking out of the old dishwasher. The sun came out again and Sean left to work some more and there I was in chaos and no running hot water.

Now I just have to say something about this old dishwasher. It was old. It washed and dried dishes in about 25 minutes. I don't think it was doing the job well. When we moved in there was a piece of something with cat hair stuck to the inside of it (I am finding cat hair stuck to a lot of stuff in this house). I thought I would leave it there and see how long it would take to wash off. It's still there!! The door was broken and the lower rack would roll out. It was time send it off to the dishwasher graveyard.

This evening while trying to make pancakes for dinner, I had to share the kitchen with my dishwasher installing sensation husband and a very nice furnace repairman named Justin. Eventually, the dishwasher was in, Justin was gone, I had heat coming from the vents which I didn't need because it was now warm outside, and I had two sinks full of dishes and glasses waiting to be bathed. We loaded her up and I lay on my stomach on the floor for the next 40 minutes to check for leaks. Heck, my old washer would have done almost two loads in that time....and the new machine still had another 40 minutes to go. No leaks, clean dishes, quieter machine.

Life is good.

Looks like in a few weeks we will be the proud owners of a window washing company....to be continued.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We Love the Storms

Every afternoon around 3:00 pm the dark clouds gather, the winds blow, the thunder and lighting make themselves known, and the rains come down. We quite enjoy them.

Today things started early and we had all of the above plus some marble sized hail. It was quite the sight. The photos don't really do it justice.

Sean was out working in Taber today and missed most of it, but had heard there was a tornado warning for Lethbridge and Coaldale. Didn't get one of those.
Hail mixed with some rain. The roads turn into rivers.

Water running down our street to the storm drain at the end of the road.

Hail on our front yard.

Family Home Demolition

We reserve Monday evenings for family activities. This week was no different. Our Family Home Evening actually became Family Home Demolition. We all took part in taking down a small wall that separates the front entry and the living room. It's much too small an area when you first walk in. So the wall is down and Sean is going to build a half wall about a foot into the living room. He says two feet. I say one.

Fun was had by all. How often do you get a chance to take a hammer to a wall like this and get away with it???? Jordan had fun using the power tool that I don't know how to spell so we'll just call it a power tool.